Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 1 - Knoxville to London

I am not sure if day one can be considered complete if I only had a one hour nap. However, that's all Tim will allow us, as he is sure we need to stay awake to get on London time! Since I'm the least traveled in the family, I am taking him at his word. So, let's call day one finito.

Day one was literally our travel day from Knoxville to London, traveling through New York City. This included an airport change, as we flew into LaGuardia (insanity) and flew out of JFK (wonderful). We were expertly driven from the first to the latter by Pamela, a local New Yorker and Uber driver. 

Our day included a lengthy layover at JFK, but surprisingly it flew by, as did the 6 hour 37 minute flight to London. I was afraid the long flight might really get to me, but I did fine and was thankful that it passed as quickly as it did. We arrived at Heathrow just as they opened for the day at 6am. Until then no planes can land because of their curfew (because of this we had to circle the airport for half an hour).

Once we landed we breezed through our passport check and baggage claim and were on the London Express train bound for Paddington Station. We then took the Underground to Queen's Park and walked to our Airbnb. Cue quick nap, too quick wake up call, and here I am...declaring day one at an end. Day two should be interesting as we are all tired and in unfamiliar terrain. Thanks to all who prayed for our safe travels!!! We are grateful to be here.


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Angie Mynatt said...

Susan, So glad the connections in New York were smooth. :) Tim and I are so excited for this family adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us through the blog.