Friday, August 27, 2010

(Another) Brand New Day

Okay, we're not to this point yet, but give me another week or two! For the first time in nine years I've returned to full-time work. No, it's not 9 to 5...more like 8 to 3. Not quite as catchy a tune.

I am glad to be working again this year at CAK elementary school, where Reed is in third grade. Last year I enjoyed a part-time position in the office; this year I am working as a teacher's aide Monday through Friday.

Wow, when I last worked full time we only had one child, and he was still in diapers. We didn't have homework to do, piano to practice, a puppy to play with, or school uniforms to wash. I came home, and Seth and I headed to the park to swing.

It has been a tremendous blessing to be home with Seth and Reed these past nine years. Honestly, it wasn't an easy transition for me - from working mom to stay-at-home mom - but I came to cherish the freedom of being with my boys all day every day.

Now I find myself making another difficult transition. That's part of the journey, though - isn't it? Maneuvering the bends in the road. In this case, dust bunnies, soiled laundry, and dirty dishes are piled in these bends.

So, if you see Seth and Reed with stains on their school uniforms, please give me some grace (and keep your camera handy because Lego clothes might be next!).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brand New Day

Well, I'll choose to look at the positive (it's a brand new school year full of adventures, fun, and growth for Seth and Reed) rather than the negative (it's the end of summer and I really didn't want to say goodbye to my boys this morning...waaaahhhh...).

This morning was indeed the beginning of their new school year, with Reed starting 3rd grade and Seth starting 6th. Yes, that's right - Seth is now a middle schooler! Below are a few traditional "first day" pictures (plus a new tradition...a pic with our puppy). Enjoy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunshine in Santa Rosa

Our 12th annual beach trip with my family took us to Santa Rosa, Florida. We stayed in "Serendipity," a beautiful house with plenty of room for the eight of us and our two dogs. Beaching it with Bella and Titan was different but a lot of fun.

Each morning Titan woke around 6 a.m., so Tim and I got an early start walking him. Then, we'd enjoy time on the beach or in the pool at our house. Having a pool in our backyard was really a treat! Below are some pictures taken around the house...

One afternoon we went to Shell Island, where we enjoyed playing in the clear Gulf waters. Don't be fooled by the sweet pictures below...the boys were responding to my instruction, "Act like you love each other." (I think you can tell from Seth's kiss, however, that they really do!)

Here the boys are on their way to the beach. There was an awesome area where a creek fed into the ocean. The boys enjoyed building dams to divert the water--even BaBa joined their efforts.

Probably the highlight of the trip was having our personal swimming pool. It was wonderful having it right in our backyard!

After five years at the South Carolina shores, it was fun to visit a new area and return to the beautiful waters of the Gulf Coast, where our beach tradition began.