Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunshine in Santa Rosa

Our 12th annual beach trip with my family took us to Santa Rosa, Florida. We stayed in "Serendipity," a beautiful house with plenty of room for the eight of us and our two dogs. Beaching it with Bella and Titan was different but a lot of fun.

Each morning Titan woke around 6 a.m., so Tim and I got an early start walking him. Then, we'd enjoy time on the beach or in the pool at our house. Having a pool in our backyard was really a treat! Below are some pictures taken around the house...

One afternoon we went to Shell Island, where we enjoyed playing in the clear Gulf waters. Don't be fooled by the sweet pictures below...the boys were responding to my instruction, "Act like you love each other." (I think you can tell from Seth's kiss, however, that they really do!)

Here the boys are on their way to the beach. There was an awesome area where a creek fed into the ocean. The boys enjoyed building dams to divert the water--even BaBa joined their efforts.

Probably the highlight of the trip was having our personal swimming pool. It was wonderful having it right in our backyard!

After five years at the South Carolina shores, it was fun to visit a new area and return to the beautiful waters of the Gulf Coast, where our beach tradition began.

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