About Ransomed Heart

If you asked Tim or me to name the most impactful events of our shared life, "Captivating 2005" would certainly be near the top of that list. This was my first time to attend Ransomed Heart's women's retreat. As a result, everything changed for us in our individual walks with Christ, in our journey as husband and wife, and in the adventure of parenting two sons.

It is a long, beautiful, continually unfolding story of how God has used this ministry to reveal the Gospel to us, to invite us into deeper intimacy with Him, to love and fight for each other, to speak into our sons' lives, and to pursue the hearts of others.

We know that God uses many, many Christian authors, speakers, and ministries to change the hearts and lives of people. We are awed and amazed and incredibly grateful for John and Stasi Eldredge and the ministry of Ransomed Heart, who have had and continue to have such a profound impact on us.

If you're not familiar with Ransomed Heart, then why not begin where we did - with The Sacred Romance, coauthored by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge. We also encourage you - no, urge you - to attend one of their retreats. Captivating women's retreats and Wild At Heart men's retreats are held several times a year in Colorado, and it is a journey worth taking.

We'd love for you to visit www.ransomedheart.com. There you can learn about this ministry, their books and teaching materials, and see upcoming retreat dates. And if you'd like to know more of our story, then click on "Captivating" in the Subjects list of our blog.