Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 6 - Magical!

Today we muggles (non-magic folk) escaped the chill and rain of London at nearby Leavesden for a tour of the Warner Bros. Studios. The eight Harry Potter films were made here over the course of ten years. As enormous fans of the books and movies, we bought our tickets for this tour as soon as we booked our lodging for the trip, and the tour did not disappoint!

Thank goodness our tickets were for the first admission of the day, as there was already a large group gathered. The crowd only got larger as the day went on. The tour starts by taking you through sets and costumes from the films, including the Burrow, the Potions Classroom, Dumbledore's office, and the Gryffindor common room. For those of you who are not Harry Potter fans, that will mean little. For those of you who are, you're probably green with envy right now. They also have so many of the costumes from the movies on display, and the section also Has many, many props from the films. 

The boys' favorite two sections of the studios, however, were Creature Effects, which shows how many of our favorite creatures (Dobby, Kreacher, Buckbeak, etc.) came to life; it included many full-scale models, and the model of Hogwarts Castle, which is at the end the tour. They used this model to shoot all of the exterior shots of the castle for the films. The details on the small scale castle were incredible! (Small scale, yet it filled a whole room!!!)

After five hours we had had enough Harry Potter and made our way back to London. We stopped by our flat quickly, and then headed to Covent Gardens, where we enjoy dinner before a play in the West End. We went to see the scary "The Woman in Black," which Tim had seen when he was a study abroad student in London in 1991. It's been playing at the same theater since 1987. It had plenty of "jump scares" to satisfy all of us.

This was our latest night out, and we blended in with the theatergoers of the West End on the Underground as we made our way back to our flat. We have found everyone to be incredibly amiable, from the restaurant servers to the bus drivers to others traveling on the Tube. I think Reed is entertaining the idea that he acould actually live in London someday!

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