Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 4 - A Beautiful Day

Today has been a beautiful day. It started with the sad news of last night's attack, so it was a blessing we had already planned to attend Redeemer Church in Croydon. Our hearts needed to gather with others in prayer and worship. Redeemer is a two-year old church plant that our own church, Providence, has a relationship with, so it was a gift to attend one of their services. 

After a somewhat fearful Tube ride to Victoria Station and a lot of prayer, my heart eased as we rode the train away from the city to this suburb. Along the way God reminded me of the incredibly kind people we encountered yesterday and the joy we've experienced so far in London. Fear dissipated, and we arrived at the elementary school where Redeemer meets and were greeted by their friendly members. 

What a gift to worship with others and be reminded that the church is so much bigger than our own congregation back in Knoxville! Redeemer is a growing body of believers led by a precious pastor, Will Dobbie. After the service Will invited us back to his home for lunch with his family and a few others. We spent several hours in their beautiful backyard, eating and talking. So special

When we tore ourselves away, it was nearly 4pm, so we had a brief time to pop by the National Gallery (more beauty) and then stroll to Covent Gardens. The shops were closed, but the incredible street performers were still active. More beauty, more joy. What a wonderful end to our day!

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