Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 3 - The Kindness of Friends...and Strangers

It's funny how you can go to sleep with one perspective on your day and wake with a totally new one. We were back to our flat by 9pm last night and asleep by 10:30, so I had no idea of the events taking place in London until waking at 5am. Then I saw multiple text messages asking if we were okay. 

Thank you for checking. We are definitely okay. I cannot believe what I am reading in the news. We were in the Westminster area of London yesterday, not the London Bridge area, and we had a wonderful day. We traveled by Underground or on foot most of the day - mainly on foot. 
(The entrance to our flat is under the "tube.") 

We walked from Westminster Abbey to the Churchill War Rooms through St. James Park to Buckingham Palace. Then we walked to the West End to Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square. Finally, we walked back to the Westminster Tube stop where we rode to Baker Street and made a quick jaunt to 221B Baker Street. 

The day was lovely - from the beautiful Westminster Abbey with its hourly prayers and rich history (explained on our verger-led tour), to the War Rooms (and a perfectly timed Latte in its Cafe, when jet lag came calling), to great food at St. Stephen's Tavern and Proper Hamburgers (a "freakshake" was a great end to our day), to the kind and interesting young men we met in line for the War Rooms and who served us dinner last night. 

Seth really enjoyed chatting with the one from India, recently graduated from UC-Berkeley and now working as an App developer, and the other from Milan, Italy, who is soon moving to Africa to work on business development for locals. It's nice to encounter such friendly people and to learn about lives that are vastly different than ours. 

Thank for you for the prayers and concern for us. We are grateful to be okay, and we are heartbroken for those who are not. We join you praying for their families and for the city of London as it wakes to the tragic news today. 


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