Friday, August 14, 2009


I've been waiting on a phone call for the past two weeks. Seriously. It happened like this: On July 31 I got a call I was hoping for but not really expecting (Do you know what I mean? The boy you like finally phones; the contest you entered notifies you of your prize; the company calls to offer you a job...). Of course, I wasn't home when the call came (Isn't that the way it always happens?), so I am eagerly listening to the recorded message when... Silence.

I'm not kidding. He's midsentence when the message abruptly ends. Nothing more. I don't know if it was a machine malfunction or if his cell phone dropped the call, but apparently he didn't know that his full message wasn't communicated because there was no follow-up call. I push "replay," hoping in vain that it was a mere glitch and somehow the full message will play this time.

It doesn't work. I rush to the computer to send him an e-mail and wait. And wait. I know he's been out of town. I've been out of town. So, I understand. And I wait. And I wonder, "What is this waiting all about?" I don't want to be too specific, but this whole scenario relates to a huge way I am trying to step out in faith and walk with God. So, I know that this waiting is about more than dropped calls and busy schedules. There's something important for me in it.

I know many friends right now who are waiting. Waiting for healing. Waiting for a spouse. Waiting for an answer. Waiting for a job. Waiting for a miracle. What does God have for us in the waiting? For me, I am learning to rest (He knows my needs and cares about them); to listen (He is awakening desire in these quiet moments); to pray (I never said waiting is easy); and to trust (He hasn't forgotten about me).

I'd love for my phone to ring today, this minute, this second. For the waiting to end. For me to know the rest of the message. And it may. I also know that it may not. It may be a quiet day with no calls but more waiting. I pray that in this time, I will draw near to God and seek more of what he has for me in the waiting.

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Janna Barber said...

You are wise to look deeper into this waiting time. He DOES have something for you. I look froward to learning what it is.