Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Bound

Every summer since Seth was born we've enjoyed a beach trip with my family. On our way to Litchfield Beach this year, we began our vacation with an overnight stay in Charleston, South Carolina. Tim and I have fond memories of our first trip to Charleston with my parents when we were dating sixteen years ago.

Of course, a lot has changed since that first trip to Charleston - including us! (I can't believe how young we were.) This time around Tim didn't have to share the bed with my dad. We also had our two guys in tow, showing the expected level of interest in the sweetgrass baskets, open-air market, and architectural styles: "How much farther to the car?..." Below you see our fearless leader mapping out our journey before we hit the cobblestone streets.

We had a lovely walk on Saturday evening, despite the heat and the occassional grumbling. We knew that the boys would enjoy our destination on Sunday: Patriot Point and the USS Yorktown. You can see it in the background in the following picture of the boys and me.

Tim was excited to take the boys on a tour of this aircraft carrier since he spent the night on it once as a boy scout. He remembers that sweltering night aboard the ship and how the scouts came up on deck to get relief from the heat.

Here the guys are about to board the USS Yorktown. We enjoyed a tour of the entire ship, even taking our turn to imagine serving as its captain, but our favorite part was looking at all of the planes on the deck. Reed got a bit tired of Dad's history lessons, so he made his own fun. In the end, boys will be boys, so all three of them became gunners for the Yorktown.

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