Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day at Doe River

On August 15, we enjoyed "Family Fun Day" at Doe River Gorge with our friends, the Alves family. This was our third trip to DRG this summer, as we went to a Family Fun Day in June and then Seth went to summer camp there with several classmates from CAK later that month. We were blessed with a beautiful summer day on Saturday. Below are pictures from our great day:

Doe River Gorge features a lovely lake set among the hills. The kids enjoy all of the water activities, but they also enjoy just swimming around and digging in the sand.

Of course, "The Blob" is a favorite attraction. Above you can see Tim bouncing Andre off into the water. In the second photo, you can see Seth blasted sky high! I think it took his breath away.

After lunch, we enjoyed the train ride into Doe River Gorge.

Reed and Maya stayed busy all afternoon, either sliding into the water, digging in the sand, or climbing Mount Ararat. In the bottom photo, you can see Reed take a flying leap off of Mount Ararat.

Here are the four friends after their fun day at Doe River Gorge.

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