Friday, August 14, 2009

Back-to-School Blues

You know how some people dread the holidays? That's how I feel about mid-August, when it's time to buy new school supplies, wash the uniforms, ready the backpacks, and set the alarm. I don't want summer break to end.

I love these long, leisurely weeks. Our schedule is relaxed, the boys are home, smiles are abundant, and a spirit of peace and rest permeates our home. One of the simple delights of summer is the morning routine that unfolds.

This year it went something like this: Tim, ready for work, walks down the stairs. Cue Seth. He creaks down the ladder from his top bunk and pads down the stairs after his dad. Muffled conversation from downstairs, followed by "I love you" and the front door closing. Silence. I smile and sigh, and then fall back to sleep. Next, either I wake and go downstairs to greet Seth or I'm awakened by my favorite alarm, "Mom... ." Reed, our late sleeper, waits for me to come and greets me with bright-eyes and a smile.

It's a simple thing, really, so it's surprising that it generates so much sadness when I realize that it's almost over. But I will miss my early riser, so eager to see Dad off to work, and my sleepy head, who still wants me to come get him in the morning. Next Wednesday, they will become bleary-eyed school boys telling their dad to "be quiet!" as he wakes them early with a loud and cheery song.

As I type, Seth is downstairs watching cartoons while Reed still snoozes away. It's nearly 10 a.m. and I'm okay with it. In three days, there will be uniforms to don, homework to do, and schedules to keep. I'm going to enjoy the quiet of this moment for as long as I can.


Lisa said...

You don't have to give it up. You could homeschool!!! :)

Janna Barber said...

And I am eagerly looking forward to returning to the routine!