Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Character!

For Reed's end-of-year celebration, his teacher planned a wonderful "book" party. The students dressed up as favorite characters from the books they read this year; activities tied to the stories, such as a dinosaur dig (Magic Tree House) and a newspaper scavenger hunt (Geronimo Stilton); and some parents came in costume to read to the boys and girls.

Reed invited Tim to read to his class. His choice of character: Mordred, headmaster of the Dragon Slayer's Academy. This would compliment Reed, who dressed as Sir Lancelot's evil cousin from the same book series. Tim may wish he'd asked Reed about the costume before he agreed.

Here the stern headmaster prepares to read to his new batch of Dragon Slayer recruits.

Tim reads to the attentive class. Notice Reed sitting on the right in his knight costume.

Here's a very proud little boy and his dad. Tim got a lot of amused looks from parents and teachers he met in the hallway, but the delighted gaze Reed gave him is the only look he will remember from the day.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving Tim in the wig. Not many could pull it off, but he does. :)


The Coker family said...

It takes a truly awesome Dad - who is also very secure with his masculinity - to wear a wig for his son! We're betting this day won't soon be forgotten.

Rachel said...

Love it! What a great daddy. :-)