Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tuckers on Ice

On February 22, many families from our church gathered at a local ice rink to enjoy an afternoon of skating. Considering this was Seth's second time on the ice and Reed's first, they did extremely well. (And considering this was Tim's first time and my second on the ice in 20+ years, we did extremely well also!) Here are some photos from our slipping, sliding fun:

Within an hour, Reed -- a brand-new skater -- was trying his hand at speed skating. It's not so easy when you're holding on to mom, so here he tries it on his own.

Only his second time on the ice, Seth did very well. He likewise tried his hand at speed skating.

When I was a girl, I celebrated many of my birthdays at the Ice Chalet. It was such fun to skate on that very same rink with my boys.

Even the Olympians need a hot chocolate (or Mountain Dew) break!

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