Saturday, March 7, 2009


Tim is in transition from KUB to a new job, with a two-week break in between. We decided that it was the perfect time to renovate our master bath. When we handed the boys a hammer on Monday, they weren't quite sure if we really meant what we said: "Knock a hole in the wall." It just seemed too good to be true. Well, we meant it, and they loved it. They've been great helpers for their dad this week. These pictures show that hard work can be fun:

Other than the thrill of pounding holes in drywall, the boys had their first lesson in power machinery. Tim helped them use a saw to cut through the drywall -- much quicker than the "hole" method. Thankfully I can report we still have all of our fingers and toes.

With every construction project comes a substantial amount of dirt and debris. (Anyone familiar with drywall dust? Ugh.) Having two helpers also means having someone always handy to hold the dustpan for you ... very helpful.

Our project isn't complete, but it has come a long way in a week. I have to add that we were blessed by two other helpers on Friday -- two of Tim's former KUB coworkers generously gave their time and know-how to aid in the renovation. We are most grateful, as their effort was an amazing help. Thanks James and Blake!


The Coker family said...

Getting to knock holes in the walls does sound to good to be true!

Joe Coker said...

Looks like Reed's going to be the next Ty Pennington--he already knows you have to have your shirt off while remodeling the house!

Rachel said...

How fun!

I am very behind on reading your blog... It's unusual that I hear a story first-hand long before I read it online! ha ha