Monday, March 23, 2009

Magic Moment

Last Saturday the boys' school hosted Will and Mary Pope Osborne for a book signing. Mrs. Osborne is the author of the wonderful Magic Tree House series, which both Seth and Reed love. Reed was especially thrilled to have the opportunity to meet her and have her latest book signed. Unfortunately, Mrs. Osborne had a broken wrist and was unable to sign books (they were stamped instead), but she and her husband were gracious enough to meet each child and have photos taken with them. Here are Seth and Reed with the Osbornes:

Mr. Osborne is an author as well. He's recently adapted the Magic Tree House books for the stage, which Reed will be seeing with his fellow first graders next week at the Tennessee Theater. (Seth and I will have a special date the night before to see it ourselves.) Watch for the musical to come to your town, and take your own children. If it's anything like the books, I know they will love it.

P.S. Last night Seth and I went to see the Magic Tree House Musical, and this morning I saw it with Reed and his fellow first graders. I highly recommend it -- wonderful adaptation of the books and such fun seeing Jack, Annie, Morgan, and more come to life on the stage. According to the Web site, the proposed fall 2009 - spring 2010 tour will include engagements in the Southwest, West Coast, and Canada as well as a return to locations in the Midwest, East, and Southeast. Visit to see if it is coming to a venue near you.


The Coker family said...

So cool that you got to meet & take pictures!

Rachel said...

How exciting! I wish I could have met one of my favorite authors when I was little (or even now for that matter). It would probably still be the highlight of my life if I had been able to meet someone like Laura Ingles Wilder when I was a child. What a neat experience for them.