Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Story: Celebrating 15 Years

Wow! I look at that picture to the left and marvel at the story it tells and the story that waits to unfold for those two college seniors. Tim and I started dating prior to our last semester at Carson-Newman, and by the time we graduated, we knew with certainty that this was more than a college romance. Our courtship continued long distance for the next year and a half, as Tim pursued further degrees at Tennessee Tech and I worked for an attorney in LaFollette. Then finally, on a very cold New Year's Eve 1993, we married.

Today Tim and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We've truly grown up together during these past 15 years as we've walked hand-in-hand through both the joy and sorrow of life. And while I don't have enough words to tell you how fortunate I am to have Tim as my husband, partner, and best friend, I sure want to try. For each year that we've shared:

15. Let me start with this one: Tim is a genuine guy who is modest about his many wonderful qualities. He will find this post terribly embarrassing. (Sorry honey.)

14. When Tim tells me that I am beautiful, I know he means it. He not only esteems my outward charms, whatever they may be, but he sees my heart, and he finds it beautiful.

13. Tim loves our sons, and he seeks to be fully engaged as their father. With every word, every hug, and every moment he answers their question: Yes, they have what it takes.

12. My life has had a constant undercurrent of peace, despite the inevitable busyness and chaos of this age, because of Tim's calm and steadfast nature.

11. When I look at Tim, I see the same man that I see in this photograph: a man of conviction and devotion. He is steadfast in his love of God, his love of others, and his love of his bride.

10. I am blessed with a husband who is curious about this world. Whether we're meandering on a backroad, exploring a city, or dreaming about places we want to go, it's a wonderful journey.

9. Tim is a man of his word. I know when he says something, he means it; and when he makes a promise, he will keep it. There's great peace in living with such a man.

8. I am thankful that I have a husband who loves to read and who appreciates a good book. I'm also blessed by how he encourages me to write (but maybe no more after this post).

7. Tim has been by my side during the greatest joys of my life and during my greatest sorrow. Despite the rushing tide of these moments, his strength and support never waivered.

6. I am certain of Tim's commitment to our marriage, his devotion to me, and his desire to walk through every step of our lives together.

5. How wonderful that Tim gets me: my sense of humor, my wit, my sarcasm, my melancholy, ... even my fascination with slogans on church signs.

4. I love (and laugh at) how Tim engages life as an engineer. If assembly time is three hours, Tim will take six. He's thoughtful, thorough, and exact. Even though it drives me crazy at times, I truly appreciate how he does a job well.

3. Tim desires that his gifts and abilities be used by God, and he has pursued how he can unite his passions for God's glory. It has been a blessing to watch this unfold and is a joy to imagine how it will continue to do so.
2. I love that my husband is living in the Larger Story, that his sights are set on the Kingdom, and that together we walk and live in FREEDOM in Christ. Thank you, Jesus.

1. I am thrilled that this is just the beginning of our story, and I cannot wait to see what the next 15 years hold for our journey. (Now, dear blushing Tim, it's over. You can sigh with relief. Oh yeah, one more thing ... Happy anniversary. I love you.)


Sandi said...

That was beautiful, Susan. Happy Anniversary.

The Coker family said...

Wow. I didn't make it through the first few lines before the tears came. That post reminded (again) me of how blessed Joe & I both are to have friends like you!

Congratulations on your Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

I hope you guys had a great weekend in the Smokies. We're all thinking about you and miss you all a bunch!

This was meant to be a Happy Birthday message, sorry I was sidetracked by that post! Happy Birthday again!


Rachel said...

Aw, how sweet!!! I love reading things like this and seeing an example of such a happy and God honoring marriage. And I can totally imagine Tim being all embarrassed as he reads it. ha ha