Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Many Homes for the Holiday

Our Christmas was probably a lot like inauguration night will be for President-elect Obama. With 10 balls to attend, he will eventually fall into bed, reflecting, "Boy, that was a lot of fun, but I'm exhausted!" We returned home last night after visiting all of the family for holiday festivities, and it was great but also exhausting.

We started our holiday tour with four days in LaFollette with Mom, Dad, Beth and Barry. This always feels most like Christmas to me, as my parents still live in the home where I celebrated my childhood Christmases. Thanks to MiMi and her delicious cakes (coconut, red velvet, apple stack) and cookies (too many to name), I know what one of our new year's resolutions will be!

Next, we returned to Knoxville to enjoy Christmas eve and Christmas day at home. Christmas eve we were fortunate to have lunch with our dear friends, Joe and Amy Coker, and their sons, Layton and Connor; Doug and Lea Voiles, and their precious baby Rachel; and Tim's college roommate, Steve Garland. Since the Cokers now live in Texas, it was a real treat to enjoy some time with them.

Experiencing the holiday with Seth and Reed is always magical. Seth especially had trouble sleeping this year, and he was in our bed by 1:30 a.m. When I realized he had no intention of falling back to sleep, I sent him to his own bed where he could wait the six remaining hours until morning. (Thankfully his need for sleep finally overcame him.)

The day after Christmas we left for our holiday celebration with the Tuckers and the McCalmons in Chattanooga. And then, we headed to Nashville, where we enjoyed a night with my sister Beth and brother-in-law Barry. A special treat was indoor rock climbing while there.

Despite the hustle and bustle, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and we hope the same is true for all of you. I'd like to end by saying that today we took it easy and rested, but I can't. Tomorrow is another celebration (our anniversary), so there were chores to be done. Oh well, it is at least nice to sleep again in our own beds.

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