Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Simple Idea

I don't really make New Year's resolutions. Yes, I always feel the urge to exercise more and eat less as the calendar turns. But that's not really a resolution ... just stating the obvious, as I sit surrounded by leftover Christmas cakes, cookies, and candies.

What, really, is a resolution? Most often we think of it as an intention. A decision we make to change something about ourselves or our lives. However, I prefer Webster's first definition. Resolution: the act or process of reducing to a simpler form.

In this age, life is anything but simple most days. Just finding time to enjoy a pajama day with the boys, a date night with Tim, or a game of spades with our friends seems almost impossible. Our cell phones, laptops, and Blackberries keep us plugged in, on schedule, and in contact, but we seem to be missing each other along the way.

How about instead of making a resolution this year, we truly experience resolution? Reducing life to a simpler form: slowing down, breathing deeply, living daily, engaging fully, giving generously, worshiping lavishly, and loving completely.


JB said...

I like this idea, I had no clue that was the definition for resolution.

Rachel said...

Wow, thanks for defining that for us.