Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Father/Son Cake Off

Our Tiger Scout, Reed, had his first Cake Off last night. This was a father/son event, so on Sunday Tim and Reed set to work designing their "Star Wars" creation. They baked a chocolate cake from scratch (even the chocolate icing), and then did a masterful job decorating it. I was very impressed with Tim's icing ability. Apparently the precision of an engineer is a handy trait for a cake decorator. Here is their finished cake:


Rachel said...

Wow, fancy! ha ha

The Tucker Family said...

Oh Rachel, I thought our cake was impressive UNTIL we got to the competition. I guess I don't understand these Scouts (it's our first experience with scouting). It was TOUGH! I'm talking ELABORATE, no-way-a-mother-wasn't-involved cakes. Our little cake looked like a VW Bug parked in a lot full of Volvos, BMWS, and Mercedes. Oh well, Reed didn't notice, had fun, and couldn't have cared less about the win (or in our case, loss). I'm not sure we're cut out for scouting. :-)