Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snowy Start

It's the new year and the start of a new semester, but it is off to a slow, snowy start. Mind you...I'm not complaining. I'll take days at home with my boys any time, any way (and one with Tim too? Bonus!). So far this week, we've enjoyed three snow days in a row. I cannot remember ever having this pleasure since the boys started school. Here are some pictures of our wintery fun:

Snow day lesson #1: Never trust Dad.

Snow day lesson #2: Snow angels are fun to make, but you will always get snow down your pants.

Snow day lesson #3: The driveway will only be shoveled if Tim is snowed in too.

Snow day lesson #4: Sometimes the snow is best enjoyed from a warm, comfortable spot.

Snow day lesson #5: Rules are made to be broken; hence, dog on the couch enjoying a cozy snowday snuggle.

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