Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seriously Sweet

The sweetest treat I received for my birthday was a weekend visit from Jinda and Rivers Green. Jinda and I have been close friends since our days living in Birmingham, and Rivers is her 11-week-old son. What a precious little baby!

Look at that face! Folks refer to Rivers' dark hair, but all I see is an auburn mane about to reveal itself. Rivers' mom has gorgeous red hair, as do his three brothers and one sister. Though his daddy is a brunette, I think this one will follow his siblings with beautiful red locks.

Titan was incredibly curious about Rivers, and he desperately wanted the freedom to examine him. A lick or two was all he got (oh, and a pacifier, which he swiped at the first opportunity!).

We each got a turn with the baby. Tim kindly babysat on Saturday night so that Jinda and I could go out to dinner with some girlfriends to celebrate my recent birthday. He had plenty of help from Reed and his friend Sophie, who were extremely attentive to Rivers.

Reed was mesmerized by Rivers and hung close throughout the weekend. He made sure his pacifier stayed in place and that his coos and grunts were met with appropriate concern.

On Sunday morning we said a reluctant goodbye to Rivers and his mommy. It was such a delight to have a baby in our house and our arms again. He captivated us all!

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