Monday, January 10, 2011

Restore and Remember

Last year as the celebration of my 40th birthday came to a close, I learned the tragic news of the earthquake that struck Haiti that very day. Everything froze in that moment, as we had no idea as to the fate of the orphans I had been so privileged to visit just two months prior in November of 2009. Thank God these 100+ children were safe and well and remain safe and well today. However, to say that Haiti is still devastated now...a year later...would be accurate.

One Vision, whom I traveled with and who cares for these orphans, has called for a day of prayer on January 12. Please read the following message from their Web site and join me in prayer on this day (and every day that God brings the country of Haiti and its people to your mind). Thank you!


One year ago, January 12th became a day of utter tragedy for the people of Haiti. The earthquake devastated the country and claimed the lives of roughly 230,000citizens.

Despite massive humanitarian efforts by the international community, the country is still in disarray. The Cholera epidemic, already responsible for the death of thousands, and the controversial results of last month’s presidential elections have both played a significant role in the continued despair of the Haitian people. However, we hold firm to the belief that there is still hope this country.

We would like to invite you to participate on Wednesday, January 12th, in an area wide day of prayer for the country of Haiti and its people. The purpose of this event is to honor the memory of those who lost their lives that day and also to pray for the future of the nation.

As firm believers in the power of prayer, we want to encourage others to remember the events of that day and pray for progress in the recovery efforts of the country. Over the past year, so many people have sacrificed time, efforts and money to help the Haitian people. Let’s continue our support by praying for their continued safety and security.

Join us as we pray for Haiti. Please pray for:
• the cleanup and rebuilding efforts
• the Cholera epidemic
• the Presidential election
• violence against women living in tent cities
• prevalent child slavery
• the safety of aid workers
• the hope of Jesus to fill the country

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