Sunday, October 25, 2009

Under the Big Top

Well, in our case we were in Thompson Boling Arena, but the energy was the same. The excited chatter and squeals of children waiting to see the Greatest Show on Earth filled the cotton-candy air. Vendors strolled the aisles selling must-haves...balloons, light-up sabers, stuffed elephants, and more.

Last Friday we went to the Shriner's Circus with Tim's mom, Ann. The last time we went to the circus was for Reed's second birthday, so the boys didn't remember a lot about the show. And to be honest, Tim and I weren't sure what to expect from a non-Ringling Bros. circus, but we were pleasantly surprised. There was plenty to delight and thrill, and we sat wide-eyed, alongside our sons. Here are some more pictures from our evening:

Waiting for the big show to begin: Ann, Seth, Reed, and me. Notice Reed is already armed with his glowing saber, ready for the house lights to go down.

All of the performers were talented, but we were really wowed by the elephants.

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