Saturday, October 31, 2009


When Tim and I were weighing my decision to return to Haiti, of course the cost was a matter of consideration. After all, the new school year had just begun with its monthly tuition always coming due. But Tim was steadfast in his urging that finances shouldn't factor into my decision. When time came for my commitment, I said yes ... eager to be a part of this women's team and to return to the orphanage.

So, we paid the trip deposit and readied ourselves to pay the remaining balance when the time came. Soon I received word that an anonymous gift had been given toward my trip -- a tremendous help toward the remaining balance. When this past week began, I owed $700 toward my trip. By Friday, with no soliciation on my part, my balance was zero ... donations had come in to cover the entire amount.

I am awed by the generosity of the givers and grateful for their financial support. I hope that they know the blessing their gift is to me and my family. When I hug and hold the children this coming week, I will have them on my mind and offer their love along with my own.

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