Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim!

(Warning: I am feeling sentimental today, so at the end of this post you'll find a link to an exceptionally sappy song dedication. I tried to find video of Kenny Roger before his extreme plastic surgery with unfortunately no success - at least that will be entertaining for those of you who aren't fans of "the gambler.")

When Seth and Reed were born, I remember looking at their round baby faces and wondering what they would look like when they grew up. Now I do it less and less because they seem to be turning into "themselves" before my eyes, just like flowers blooming. I am sure Tim's mom used to look at her little towhead and wonder how he would differ from his sister and brother and what he would bring into the world.

Today, as we celebrate his birthday, I am so thankful for all that he's brought into this world, into my life, and into this family. He's a kind, generous man with an amazing heart. When I look at pictures of him as a boy, I see glimpses of both of our sons - in the mischevious smile and the contemplative eyes. They are blessed to have him as their father, and I've been so blessed to share my life with him these past fifteen years. I look forward to tomorrow and the day after and the day after...

When I was a girl, probably 10 or 11, I loved Kenny Rogers. I once had a friend confront me about who I liked more: Rick Springfield or Kenny Rogers. Honestly, it was a tough choice. Well, today this oldie but goodie from Kenny keeps playing in my head, so forgive me, but I had to post it.

Happy birthday Tim! I love you.
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