Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beautiful Blog

A friend recently encouraged me to check out the blog "Bring The Rain." (Click here.) Wow, thank you, Rachel.

Angie is a beautiful, courageous writer, and I cannot stop thinking about her story ~ one that is both heartbreaking and healing. Her words have stayed with me. In particular, I keep thinking about her entry on February 6, 2008, titled "Teacups."

I'm tempted to share an excerpt with you here, but I want to urge you to visit the blog, and read her story from the beginning (start with January 2008: close your door, turn off the phone, and make sure you have a box of tissue nearby).

If you are heartbroken, afraid, or weary, then you'll find encouragement for your own journey on this blog. I know I have. If you wonder if God is near, if He is in control, and if He loves you, you'll be reminded that He is and He does.

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