Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today, on the first day of Lent, I find myself in an unfamiliar place. Sitting in front of this blog with the intention to write. To be honest, I thought I was finished. After a particularly busy year when the time to write seemed elusive and the desire to write just plain absent, I found the task of keeping up our family's blog just that...a task. Who needs one more job to do, right?

I felt this way primarily because I never wanted this blog to merely be a photo album documenting our family life. No, the idea of Tucker Tracks encompasses a bigger journey...of course including our adventures, but also deeper explorations of the heart, our calling, and the Larger Story in which we (all of us...including you, reader) find ourselves.

To pursue that in this space, I would write. Or that was the plan. Enter 2011 - busyness, distraction, and exhaustion - and this space sat still. Maybe that's okay. We all need times of stillness, and maybe that's true for a blog as well.

But now, as I contemplate what I'm called to this Lenten season, three words keep coming to my mind: pray, worship, and write. So, here I one. Reintroducing myself to my keyboard, training my brain to shape these jumbled words of mine into coherent thoughts, and praying that through 40 days of dedication to these three practices, I will feel an awakening of the heart and experience an intimacy with the One who calls, who I pursue, and who I deeply love.

How are you making space for an encounter with God this Lenten season?

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