Monday, August 8, 2011

Great in Grayton

Our summer-time tradition continued this August with the 12th annual Dunham-Tucker-Nelson Beach Trip. Our Grayton Beach house and its accompanying golf cart gets Reed's seal (or grin) of approval.

Once we hit the beach, the boys begin to dig. This year the big boys got in on the fun, digging deep enough to bury both boys neck deep in sand.

On Tuesday afternoon we rented a kayak to venture out into the surf. Here Tim and the boys prepare to paddle. A little later Tim and Barry paddled out far enough to approach a passing-by pod of dolphins.

We were fortunate to enjoy sunny weather nearly every day. Beach service (with a nice big umbrella to provide plenty of shade) made a day at the beach a...well, a day at the beach.

Unfortunately Tim had to leave mid-week to return home to work. We neglected to get our annual family shot while he was still around, so here's our 2011 family photo, minus one.

After ice cream at a nearby creamery (yum, the lemon frozen yogurt), we made an evening visit to the shore for Reed to enjoy some final digging. We enjoyed a stunning sunset on our final evening at the beach.

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