Monday, April 4, 2011


When people find out I have a blog, I quickly make excuses for its condition. "It's a bit schizophrenic" is my usual description. By that I'm referring to the second dictionary definition offered: "a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements," not "characterized by emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, disorganized speech, delusions, and hallucinations" (at least I hope not!).

It seems these days that nearly everyone, including my favorite authors, my church, and my veterinarian, have a blog. And many of the blogs out there are finely focused sites with a clear sense of purpose and a set direction. I have to admit...they make me acutely aware of the meandering path of Tucker Tracks.

However, as tempted as I am to make excuses, I don't want to refine this randomness that is our blog. It is its essence. When I began this blog in 2008, the intent was to follow the journey that our family is on. And it's much like the hike we enjoyed this past Sunday.

We set off on one trail, but when it crossed with another we switched paths to discover what lay ahead. We did this many times, and in the process we stumbled across wildflowers, streams, tree galls, silkworms, a bog, and a meadow. If we had stuck to one path, oh, how much we would have missed!

In our meandering, we had a more complete picture of the beauty of the landscape surrounding us. And hopefully in our meandering here on Tucker Tracks, we impart a fuller picture of the beauty of our life and the journey we are on.

For it is a journey. Each photo shows a glimpse of growth, a little love, and the delight of discovery. Each essay tells about the deeper journey of the heart. So, welcome. Thank you for joining us as we wander in our own way here. We hope that you'll find the incompatible somehow compatible and be blessed.

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