Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Mania

Once a year the characters that comprise our church shine like no other time: our annual leadership banquet. For the past three years, the event has had a theme, and this year it was particularly fun - the movies!

Of course, the choices were nearly limitless. Tim and I could embrace our inner Star Wars and rock a Princess Leah and Hans Solo get-up. We could pay homage to Middle Earth as Aragorn and Arwen. Or we could channel two of my literary favorites, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.

In the end, we went as H.I. and Ed from the Coen Brothers' classic, "Raising Arizona." I faded into the background of Tim's appearance. His sideburns and moustache (both real) were quite impressive!

Tim got into his character...maybe a little too much? Naw...he was awesome and earn lots of laughs for his commitment to the character. In fact, the entire crowd wowed with their costumes. One small group came dressed as the cast of "The Wizard of Oz," even down to the flying monkey! Couples represented "Men in Black," "Driving Mrs. Daisy," "The Matrix," "My Fair Lady," and so many other classic film characters. The surprise of the night was the absence of Bella and Edward, at least in person (the staff did produce an entertaining video reinactment of a "Twilight" scene).

Additional entertainment was provided by the staff doing a live song and dance from "Annie" and "The Sound of Music." Plus, the motley crew pictured above (our elders - notice Tim second from right) along with the elders' wives (myself included) did a step dance spoof from the movie "Stomp the Yard." I'm not sure our dance skills impressed anyone, but we certainly entertained if the laughs were any indicator.

Thanks to the Providence staff for putting together this excellent evening to honor the many volunteers who serve every week at our church. We enjoyed our night as H.I. and Ed, and in the end, we were a little sad to see the sideburns and moustache go. Here's looking forward to next year and whatever costume (and facial hair) it will require.

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