Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break in DC - Part 3

Thursday began at the Air & Space Museum, with a simulator ride for Tim and Seth and a milder version for Reed and his motion sick-prone Mom. We spent the morning among the aircraft, including the Wright Brothers exhibit. Then, we made our way to the Rayburn Office Building and the office of our Congressman, Jimmy Duncan, for a Capitol tour led by his aides.

Seth and Reed sit in Congressman Duncan's chair, with a stunning view of the Capitol.

After our tour of the Capitol, we returned to the Air & Space Museum to check out the "space" part of their exhibits. To end our evening, we walked to the Tidal Basin, the World War II Memorial, and the White House.

In the above picture, we stand in front of the Tidal Basin, and you can see the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

We checked out of our DC home on Friday morning and drove to Arlington National Cemetery (pictured above), where we visited the Kennedy graves and eternal flame (shown below). We also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and saw the changing of the guard and the laying of a wreath.

After touring Arlington, we took the Metro back into DC, where we spent more time at the Museum of American History. We had missed the third floor on our first visit, and it proved to be our favorite area of this particular museum: the American Presidency and the history of the United States involvement in war. Very interesting, so much history, and such amazing memorabilia!

The following two photos show how you could often find us throughout the week: Seth resting by propping his arm on Reed's head (funny, but it didn't seem to bother Reed) or our family strolling hand-in-hand through the streets of the city. It was a precious time with the boys, as they were so engaged, observant, patient, and excited by each experience.

We returned home on Saturday evening and were happy to sleep in our own beds again. It was a memorable week, and it was such a joy to share the adventure of the week with Seth and Reed and to watch them enjoy the delights of traveling. We can't wait to share more adventures with them!

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