Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fast Dash

If you've travelled on I-40 through Knoxville during the past two years, then you know that a stretch of road has been closed. Before it re-opened to traffic on Friday, the Knoxville Track Club hosted a 1.2-mile foot race on Thursday evening. Since one doesn't often get to run down the middle of the interstate, Tim, the boys, and I joined in the fun with 1,600 other runners. Below are pictures of our "fast dash."

Tim and Seth start running the 1.2-mile race.

The boys and I make our way UP the road to the turn-around point (thankfully it was downhill the .6 miles to the finish line).

The boys finish the "Fast Dash I-40."

This wasn't planned, but apparently I'm number one and Tim is number two. ;-)

Here we are after finishing our first family race.

The bus sums it up nicely: "Special."

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Janna Barber said...

You're pretty brave yourself chicka! Love these pictures, and your family is awesome! See you in a little while.