Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day at Doe River

Soon Seth will have his first summer camp experience, so today our family checked it out as we enjoyed DayQuest at Doe River Gorge in Elizabethton. The lake, the zipline, "The Blob," the train ... they were all part of a great time. Here are pictures from our fun day:

The manmade lake has clear water, a sandy beach, inflatables, and other fun amusements.

One of the first "musts" on our day of fun was the zipline. Unfortunately Reed was a year too young to zip, but Seth and Tim went for it. On top, you can see them all rigged up for the ride. Next, you can spot their green and blue shirts whirring through the trees. Splash down happened too fast for me to catch it on film, but they enjoyed a calm swim to the end. In the last photo, you can see where their ride started from on the platform up in the trees.

Next, Seth and Tim tackled "The Blob." From the wooden platform, you jump onto this inflatable. Then, you scoot to the end and wait. The next jumper propels you into the air when he lands on the inflatable. On top you can see Seth in the green as he's launched into the air. In the second photo you actually see Seth's first "Blob" experience - quite a shock! The third photo shows Tim launched into the air. And the last photo shows what happened when Seth tried to launch his dad ... not much. He didn't weigh enough.

Here's another lake amusement: brave souls tried to walk across this spinning tube without getting tossed into the water. Reed scampered across it time and again like a crab. Maybe he had an easier time because of his smaller size, but Tim and Seth repeatedly took a dive.

After lunch we enjoyed a few "dry" minutes on Doe River's train ride. The 30-minute trip took us through two tunnels into the Gorge.

DayQuest was a great way to spend a summer day. We enjoyed a little rest ...

... And a LOT of fun!!! Seth is really looking forward to his upcoming week here.

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Rachel said...

I bet it's the gymnastic training that made him able to scamper across that tube! And the picture of Seth in the water is super cool. I love the green outfit in the green water. Looks like a scene from a disjointed, artsy movie.