Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sensational Seven

Reed celebrated his 7th birthday in high style this weekend, with a party with pals on Friday afternoon, lunch at Olive Garden on Saturday, and then the long-awaited gift opening. Aunt Beth and Uncle Barry win the "Favorite Gift" award, with the giant Tweety bird. MiMi and BaBa were in the running, however, with Reed's new swimsuit ensemble that he refused to take off for the rest of the day. Notice the sunburst/lava-like design chosen by Reed. He's one stylish individual, that's for sure! It was a great birthday celebrating a great kid!

Reed celebrated with his first-grade classmates from CAK, his neighborhood friends, and his pals Eric and Maya.

Reed remembered Olive Garden's birthday cake, so he chose to dine there. He was quite chatty with the waitress and handled the "birthday song" attention better than his mom ever has.

Gifts are exciting for both brothers, as they knew they'll share in the fun of whatever lies beneath the wrapping. This year, along with Tweety, was Mario Cart for Wii and Pokemon Platinum for the DS - we haven't seen them since.


The Coker family said...

Happy Birthday Reed! We love & miss you! Looks like you had a BLAST!

Rachel said...

I hate the birthday songs in restaurants too. I get embarrassed on behalf of other people in the restaurant who are happening to have their birthdays!

Love the Tweetie picture.