Friday, November 28, 2008


On Tuesday I experienced one of those parental moments that blindsides you. Each day I operate fully aware of how amazing my boys are, or so I think. And then ... they take my breath away and I realize the impact of their lives, even upon me. I should say, especially upon me.

At CAK Grandparents' Day, both Seth and Reed sang a worship song with their classes to the audience of several hundred. To watch my boys sing praise with such joy was amazing. But what overwhelmed me was that the song that Seth sang was the song that I desperately needed to hear.

I watched his sweet face as the tune started to play, and as the first words passed his lips, my tears started to fall. It was the reminder I needed about the constancy of God's love, His goodness, and His faithfulness in the seasons of our lives. And I knew, as I watched Seth, that he believes with stunning faith that each word of his song is true.

I felt Seth asking me, "Mom, can you sing this too? Do you believe this is true?" This wasn't the first time I've faced this question posed through a worship song. And, just like last time, I found myself answering through thick tears, "Yes, I can sing." Yes, Seth. I do believe it's true ... He is good.

I invite you to listen and to sing along with Seth and me (click below; You Are Good by Nichole Nordeman):

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