Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hooray! Dad's Home

The boys and I were on our own November 8-14, as Tim traveled to the Dominican Republic with a group from One Vision International. The group, comprised of several friends from our church plus a few from other area churches, went to Santa Domingo to spend a week among the locals and to help several churches with building repairs.

Needless to say, the boys and I missed Tim terribly while he was away. On the day after his return, we refused his jet lag and instead urged him out into the beautiful fall day. We went to Ijams Nature Center to enjoy a hike through spectacular foliage and along the river. Here are some pictures of our afternoon:

The fall colors were stunning! I don't know that Seth and Reed appreciated the contrast of the purple berries and the golden leaves, but it was really beautiful.

With trails to the left and right, we had a tough time deciding which way to go. Tim had the final word, and he chose a great path that led us to a boardwalk that meandered along the river.

After a week apart, Tim and I had a lot of hugging to catch up on. The boys were patient as our hike often slowed to a hand-in-hand stroll. Of course, they found the perfect sticks and were "sword fighting" most of the way, so I don't think they really noticed.

After we crossed the boardwalk, it was time to wind our way out of the woods. We took our time, enjoying the crisp air, the myriad of colors, and the pleasure of each other. It was a great day, made perfect by Tim's safe return home to us.


JB said...

Great pictures! We've only been there in the summer, but what a great idea for fall too.

Rachel said...

Where is this place? It looks like fun! And I love that picture of you and Tim. Adorable. :-)