Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth!

Today Seth is 9 years old! This past year has been one of incredible growth in Seth, and we feel like we are glimpsing the teenager he's becoming and the man he will grow to be. It is taking our breath away.

Just last Christmas Seth and I were walking through the mall and I reached to hold his hand. He pulled away. Ouch. Yet I know that his response is natural and that he is no longer my baby. I am learning to honor that, but I confess, as his mother, it's tough.

God has been gracious, though, to bless me with an amazing gift in the midst of these changes. Earlier this year, Seth asked if he could start running with me. We went on a date to buy him some running shoes, and then a few days later took our first run together. Throughout the mile run, Seth provided ongoing commentary -- about the weather, scenery, animals, and so on. He talked the entire run. It was such a beautiful time and such a blessing to see how our relationship will continue to grow as he grows up.

There are just no adequate words to describe Seth -- such an amazing person, gifted with a gentle, caring heart and such a sweet, kind spirit. Such a heart, such a man ... we just can't imagine how he will impact others in his lifetime. He truly enriches this family, and we are so happy to celebrate him and his life on this day! Happy birthday, Seth!

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John Barber said...

Boy, I like that kid!