Sunday, May 22, 2011


After a long spell of dreaming and many months of planning, we are Colorado-bound! Tim flew out five days prior to enjoy some time with a few buddies in the Rockies and attend the U2 concert in Denver. The boys and I flew from Nashville on Sunday, May 22. This was the boys' first-ever flight, and they had the expected butterflies in their bellies.

Thankfully we had a smooth flight and arrived in Denver before we knew it! Tim was waiting for us with our rental car...or I should say Jeep. This is what happens when you send a guy to choose the rental car! Not exactly what I would have chosen, but Tim hit a home run with the boys. In the end, it was perfect for our adventuring through Colorado.

We immediately left Denver bound for Colorado Springs, where we spent our first two nights at Glen Eyrie. This facility, home of The Navigators ministry, boasts a stunning Castle, breathtaking landscape, and comfortable lodges. It also offers great hiking (we quickly realized we weren't hiking in the Smokies on the rocky terrain).

It was a dream-come-true to be in Colorado together and begin this memorable adventure with our boys.

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