Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surprise Snow

It seemed too good to be true! A snow day in December?! On Sunday night when we exited the movie theater after seeing the latest "Chronicles of Narnia" film, we entered our own personal Narnia. It was a snowy wonderland in West Knoxville.

In all we only received about two inches of snow, but that plus the ice was enough to merit a day off from school yesterday and a late start today. Here are a few pictures from our day of frigid fun:

This was our first snow with Titan, and he is definitely a fan of the fluffy white stuff! On Sunday night he checked out the first flakes as they fell.

Here are our two happy campers celebrating their day off from school. Given that this is our last week before Christmas break, it certainly felt like a bonus. I confess I was just as excited because it meant a day off from work for me too (one of the perks of working at their school).

Titan loved chasing his tennis ball in the snow but gladly abandoned it for one of the boys' snowy gloves. They spent a lot of time chasing him to retrieve their gloves.

Even though we didn't have a lot of snow, there was enough for some good sledding down our driveway. Here the boys enjoy their slippery ride to the bottom:

Titan came inside from the snow to find someone else cozied up inside his crate. Fred must have enjoyed a nap while we were all outside playing. Titan just sat patiently and watched Fred until he vacated the crate...so funny!

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