Sunday, May 2, 2010


Let me introduce you to our new family member...

When Seth turned 10 we promised that we would get him a dog. Now, only 12 days shy of his 11th birthday the time came for us to fulfill our promise. We set our yesterday to "look" for a dog. I can't believe I am surprised that we brought one home with us - this lovable German Shepherd-mix. Seth fell for this sweet 7-month-old pup, and we adopted him into our family.

Now this is the face of a happy boy who has found his first dog. We stressed to Seth and Reed before we began looking that they would fall in love with every dog that they saw. We prayed that we would all know when we found the right dog for our family. Well, Titan wasn't the first dog Seth saw (more like the third), but he was the one who caught Seth's eye and captured his heart. It didn't take long before we realized that this was the dog who would be joining our family.

On the car ride home Titan was a contented passenger, who even wanted to ride up front between Tim and myself. I never thought I'd be one to drive around town with my dog in the van, but I have a feeling it won't take long until Titan is riding shotgun.

The boys welcome Titan to his new home! His first day and night with us have been great, and he is adjusting quickly to life here. The biggest problem seems to be the stairs, which he doesn't like to go up or down. This is a bit tricky as the only way in/out of the house involves stairs. But he is getting braver with the front steps, so hopefully soon he will be taking them without fear.

Even Fred, our cat, has responded more with curiosity than any other feeling. He's only hissed once when Titan came too close. Fred has ruled this roost for a while, so it may take a little while for him to adapt to his new furry companion.

Now the fun begins of caring for a dog! First, with a bath on this beautiful Spring afternoon. A wonder how he (and Seth and Reed) are going to like this!

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Rachel said...

He is adorable!!! Such a cutie pie.