Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haiti Update

Pictured above, the children in One Vision's care now situated in their new temporary shelter.

It's incredible that it was just over a month ago that a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. John Miller, with One Vision, has traveled to the country several times since the quake, and below is his most recent update on the children. Thank you for your continued prayers for the Haitian people and specifically for this group of orphans. To follow One Vision's work in Haiti more closely, visit their Web site at www.onevisionintl.org. Here is John's latest report:

I have decided to split the group of orphans up into two groups. I will be moving the older children to a place that is more suitable for their needs. It will still need a bit of light construction work, but we are well on our way. The 77 younger children, ages 13 and under, have been moved to a different location where we have purchased brand new mattresses, a freezer, a refrigerator, and an oven. We’ve built bathrooms, showers, installed electricity, and even put in a television. The kids are all doing incredibly well!

We have also been working on every child’s official papers, and we are up to 29 birth certificates!

Since I arrived in Haiti 3 days ago, I can’t tell you how many people are stopping us on the road to say how much they appreciate our work (and even ask for jobs). It seems that proper humanitarian aid still has not reached this area. People are still in desperate need of medical attention, as well as food and clean water.

Unfortunately, prices have gone up drastically and our monthly budget, along with our work, has more than tripled. I would like to ask that everyone pray for God’s provision in these times of need. He truly has His hand on us right now and has given us the responsibility of making His name known here. Together, I know we can reshape the future of Haiti.

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