Friday, January 15, 2010

From Dr. Noel

I've written in previous posts about Dr. Francisco Noel, One Vision's hands and feet in Haiti. Below is a letter written by him to provide an update on the status of the orphanage and children. His native languages are Creole and French, so his English is a bit rough, but I am sure you can understand what he's trying to communicate. Also, when he writes about "our kids," he is referring to the orphans:

"A disastrous earthquake has left many dead, or injured and homeless, including us and our kids (became homeless again, one of the kids was injured). For now all our family and the kids are safe, however the damages are important for a poor country like Haiti. The reconstruction will be problematic and will of course require a lot of technical human resources in all aspects.

The school and the church has been damaged specifically for the school which has been flattened. The specialist said there's another possibilities to receive another shock like this which will complicate the situation finally. The location where they are now is no more safe.

For now brother it will take us some money to relocate the kids and rebuild some infrastructures, and we think it would be the right time to start our building project. In the same brother we would like to thank all the US families from Tennessee who supported the One Vision International Project in Haiti, which help feeding the kids and prepare the base for the long term part of the Program. We would like for them to continue pray for us because God hear them and actually we're safe because of their Prayers.

Dear brother, tell to everyone who help us and the other that God calls to join us that the kids and other families in the community where the property is need them now more than ever. The first needs are for the moment food, water, and medical care to improve and also relocate the kids. Actually every kids sleep outside on a tarp. Please brother try to help us. We are in serious need.

We will keep you informed about the situation as it develops. This morning we will close and leave our house because it no safer. In the meantime we will stay with Mr. Isi and the kids as agreed as soon as we progress. God bless you brother and it is a blessing to have you in our life."

- Cecile & Francisco Noel

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