Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Witness to Life

Today Tim and I celebrate 16 years of marriage! In fact, at this very moment we were probably sharing our first kiss as husband-and-wife. Cue "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" and the recessional. I can picture us now, walking down the aisle hand-in-hand with huge grins on our faces.

We have shared wonderful years together, and I can still say enthusiastically "I love this man!" He truly is my truest friend, my heart's desire, and my greatest champion. I look at our two sons, both so utterly unique but also reflections of their dad and me, and marvel at this life we have crafted together.

We have been abundantly blessed for sure, but we can testify that marriage isn't easy. A shared life is difficult. To walk through this world as joint seekers is a journey that is opposed. But it is worth it and worth fighting for. We would both shout that from our rooftop.

I love that I am in love with my husband. I am humbled by the fact that he chose me then and he chooses me today. I rest in the assurance that he will be by my side tonight, tomorrow, and all of the days to come.

Happy anniversary, Tim.
I do.


Janna Barber said...

Ok, so that answers my questions. Sweet post, Susan. I meant to do something on our anniversary, but it was just too crazy. Having fun though. Headed home tomorrow evening and stopping halfway. See you Sunday!

The Coker family said...

(Sniff) Happy Anniversary! I love this post - possibly more than last year's. I love that you both are so obviously in love with one another - and that remains paramount for you both. And (forgive my gushing - I may be bordering on a couple-crush*) that your years together continue to intensify your love and commitment to each other.
* I mean that I really admire you two, think of your marriage as one of the few I would most like to model my own after, look forward to sharing a similar future with Joe. NOT in any weird, suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate way.