Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Desperately Sleepy Susan

We're going on sick day #4 in the Tucker house. Poor little Reed has been ill with a virus/flu since Saturday night. So, he and I have been sleeping in the guest room. Hmmm, "sleeping" doesn't seem the right choice of words, as we've done little of that. It's been reminscent of the boys' newborn days, when sleep deprivation rocked my world. I forgot how brutal it was.

Here are a few things I've realized during these long days/short nights...

1. I enjoy sleep, and I need it...desperately. I am not one of those persons who can get by on a few hours of shut-eye, and a power nap does nothing to recharge my batteries. I relish a solid eight hours a night, and a nap needs to stretch toward an hour to do me any good. A sleepless night stretches on much longer than the ticking clock shows. Thankfully insomnia has never been my companion.

2. I have a thing for Stash tea. I enjoy a big mug of hot tea every morning and actually several times throughout the day. In fact, my tea drinking has replaced my former Diet Coke habit. Everytime I'm at the grocery, I peruse the tea and usually purchase one or two new ones to try. I've learned that I do not like the flavor of Earl Grey (not even Lady Earl Grey), and I am not a fan of any tea by Good Earth (they all have a strong licorice flavor). My favorite, as I mentioned, is Stash - particularly their Double Spice Chai and their decaf Chocolate-Hazelnut. Yum!

3. One can watch a LOT of Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob, and iCarly without growing tired of them. You don't have to be a seven-year-old boy to be entertained by Doofensmirtz's (not-so-)evil schemes, Bikini Bottom humor, and Spencer's antics. However, when the broadcast turns to Bakugon and Ben 10, you've lost me. I guess you do have to be a seven-year-old boy to get it, or I reached my quota during the Pokemon years.

4. Advertisers are already hard at work promoting their toys, games, movies, for the upcoming (15 weeks away!) Christmas season. It's really amazing to notice the number of commercials so obviously geared toward holiday wish lists. Even Reed has uttered the phrase I long NOT to hear: "I want that..."

5. A child can live on Jell-o, Gatorade, and Chicken 'n Stars soup alone. Poor little Reed has lost his appetite this week. Unfortunately I think I found it. Being housebound isn't good for my diet, that's for sure. And not even last night's episode of The Biggest Loser could inspire me to get out of the kitchen and get on the treadmill today.

6. A well-timed phone call from a friend can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes it's the sound of the garage door opening, letting me know that Tim's home early from work. Last night it was a solo trip to Target and a leisurely stroll through the aisles. I never know how the blessing will come, but it always seems to come right on time.

Most of all, I've realized our amazing fortune in having two healthy sons. It's not often that one of them is sick, and I'm so thankful that Reed is on the mend. I am hopeful for a good night tonight, some sweet rest, and a snugglebuggle who snoozes the hours away. Tomorrow I hope to see his usual bright eyes and wide smile greet me in the morning. I've missed them!

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The Coker family said...

Hope you're all well soon! Love that despite being sleep-deprived and housebound, you continue to appreciate your blessings!