Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dodgeball Drama

On Friday Tim picked the boys up from school. I asked what information he got about their school days on the drive home. As usual, it wasn't much (they are their father's sons, so chit-chat isn't something they're prone to do). However, we did get a great peek into their playground personalities.

Seth told his dad that he has been given the nickname "The Peacemaker" when playing dodgeball and battle ball. I had all sorts of heartwarming thoughts when I heard this, thinking of Seth and his kind, gentle heart. Then, Tim filled me in that he's earned this nickname because he runs around making the peace sign while avoiding personal attack. Hmm, not as heartwarming, but pretty darn funny to imagine his spunk as he taunts his opponents.

Reed nonchalantly informed his dad that he hit two girls in the face during dodgeball that very day. "Did they cry?" Tim asked. Reed replied that one maybe did. Okay, some thirty years ago, I was that girl! (Really, we're still playing dodgeball?!) I won't hold it against Reed ... I know it wasn't intentional (he's moving too fast to aim). After all, in a (dodgeball) battle, self-preservation is key and the enemy is the enemy -- regardless of whether they have pigtails.

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Rachel said...

Somehow I avoided dodgeball in school. Praise God!