Monday, September 22, 2008

New Year, New School

We're now a month into the new school year, so I wanted to post a word about how the boys are doing. Many of you know we moved Seth and Reed from public school to the Christian Academy of Knoxville. Reed is in first grade; Seth is in fourth.

As we discussed this move with the boys earlier this year, they questioned us (as many others did) about what led to our decision. We tried to explain how there were many factors, but largely we felt like this was where God wanted the boys. Tim and I pray about their education and felt His urging to make the move now. Reed made us smile when he asked, "Will He tell you to move us again?"

The boys have been blessed with two amazing teachers this year. Seth's teacher has been in the classroom for 33 years, and understandably, Seth instantly remarked how much she reminds him of Tim's mom, who has been a teacher just as long. Fourth grade is challenging Seth with a work load he wasn't used to in prior grades. We're having to develop an afternoon routine so he can get all of his homework done with playtime to spare.

Reed's teacher is a veteran of the classroom too, with a vivacious personality. We were happy to see him connect with several boys in his class quickly (he tends to form friendships with the girls -- already a ladies' man!). He keeps a weekly journal, and it's a delight to read through them (and see the accompanying illustrations). One hilarious 1st grade moment came last week, when he told his teacher that she was "getting more gray hair." Thankfully she has a great sense of humor!

We've been so pleased with their experience thus far at the new school! They've adjusted quickly, made friends easily, and seem happy and settled. It's a delight to watch them encounter the difference in the environment there ... from memorizing scripture each week to sharing prayer requests with their peers to humming worship songs that their teachers play in class. We are so happy and so grateful that they can have this experience.

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